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Hi There!

Who I am

My name is Sarah and I am a young illustrator from Austria who finds inspiration and beauty in a lot of things. Besides drawing and illustrating, you can find me crafting and sewing costumes or painting props. I can also often be found with a mug of coffee or tea in my hand geeking out over something.

What I am up to

Currently, I am looking to set foot as an artist for video games, as I'd like to contribute to the old and yet unknown worlds I am fond of myself. Being able to create art that helps bringing stories and characters to life is something that has been fascinating me ever since I've first experienced video games.

What I do

I specialize in character illustration and design. In addition, I am well versed in graphic design and layout design. For both digital and traditional illustrations, I like to use a variety of techniques. My tools of the trade are the Adobe Creative Suite as well as a never ending and ever expanding supply of pens, pencils, markers and paper.

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